House of an Architect(s) – Part 5

Still Framing. This week we got a roof. Two roofs exactly. The first is a membrane attached directly over the rafters and then a layer of plywood and a conventional roof. The two layers are separated by a 2×4 on its side. What this creates is extra insulation space on the inside of the membrane and a nice clear venting channel on the outside. The venting channel keeps the heat of the roof to the outside by keeping a clear route for circulating air and condensation. The membrane is waterproof but allows vapor than may be inside the house a way to escape. It’s nice to see it all coming together.

Meanwhile the final framing details are ongoing and all ‘on-site changes of heart’ are being added for the upcoming framing inspection. The detached garage will start going up this week. It is great to be in capable hands of a good builder. Thanks Nick.

Also upcoming this week are windows and the final trenching for all of our services.

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