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Newburgh Restoration – Weigand’s Tavern

One branch of our studio involves restoration and adaptive re-use of old buildings for new uses.  We do a huge amount of work in one of our favorite Hudson Valley cities, Newburgh.  This one in particular has been fun so far and we anticipate it picking up steam in the Spring of 2019.  The history of the place is a little murky but one of the myths is that the former tavern, in a previous location, was a drinking hole for some revolutionaries who later went on to do some big stuff.  We are painstakingly documenting all of the building to get state (SHPO) and federal (NPS) grants and tax benefits.

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Architecture Omi – Residency 2018

I had the honor and the pleasure of recently being invited to the Art Omi Residency program for architects in Ghent NY.  With nine other architects from around the world we worked for two weeks on projects of our choice.  For me, with my recent work in the Hudson Valley, I decided to explore a few common local materials; brick, wood and glass.  Sounds pretty straightforward enough.   Most importantly, having the space and the time, away from the office, it allowed me to pursue other directions at my own pace and have fun doing it.  The Residency program is terrific; they offer a chance to get away for artists, writers, translators, musicians , dancers and architects by offering room and board and a chance to think in a lovely setting in Columbia County, NY.  Thank you New York State Council for the Arts for supporting this great program.  Below are some shots of my final presentation.


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Newburgh Architecture

We are currently involved in a handful of great projects in the Hudson Valley city of Newburgh.  We have re-purposed historic warehouses to live-work studios for artists and taken on completely gutted single family renovations.  We love going across the river to help bring back some of these beautiful buildings.

color rendering

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Time’s Square Hotel

Just completed the Riu Hotel’s first hotel in New York and their second in the United States. The 647 room hotel is small for them but is one of New York’s top 25 in terms of size. It is actually composed of two hotels and two residential buildings adding to the mix in a city that already prides itself on red tape and paperwork. Berg + Moss were the executive architects who worked together with Riu’s talented design team. In addition to the four separate buildings, viagra usa there is a restaurant, viagra a cafe, conference rooms, lounges, fitness room, and soon to be completed, cafeteria.



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Running Wall Progress

On a quiet property in the Hudson Valley, viagra sale work has begun on a garden wall in collaboration with landscape designer Lindsey Taylor. The 300 foot long wall encompasses a formal garden and orchard. The wall follows the contours of the rocky landscape at heights ranging from 8 to 13 feet tall.

Wall progress 1

Wall progress 2

Wall progress 3

Wall Progress 4

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New Market for Kingston, NY

We are working with the team from the Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasburg as well as our friends at Atlas Industries to bring an seasonal outdoor food market to the Hudson Valley city of Kingston, viagra canada NY. The project will repurpose the historic ruins of the Hutton Brick Yard into a new market place with food vendors and shops. We are seeking the most minimal interventions to allow for the existing poetry of the site to shine through. Article in the Daily Freeman


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Hotel Opened

We are excited to have our new 647 room hotel open for business in Times Square. The prime location features 3 restaurants, discount viagra a conference center, full service gym, as well as a mix of rooms from singles to suites. The eagerly anticipated hotel is already 100% booked.