House of an Architect(s) – Part 4

Framing! This is where things really start rolling. The original idea was to have a one story house that would be barrier free (no stairs), cialis sale as well as a home where we, or extended family, could age-in-place with ease. Because of this we, rather, Randy the excavator, spent some good long days digging us out. We also subjected ourselves to hearing a lot of “it’s so big!!!’ comments. After a fair amount of self doubt we moved into framing where our trusted framer Nick, assured us it would again feel ‘not so big’. So after a week of heavy lifting the form is really taking shape. The simple asymmetrical gable roof is the most prominent feature: the low slope mimics the slope of the hillside while the steep side anchors the house into the land. ‘Like a rock outcropping’, an astute visitor noted. The roof profile is repeated inside (another nice thing about a one story house) as every room has a higher than normal ceiling.

While this is happening, we are staging for the next steps: air infiltration strategies, heating, plumbing, electrical, solar, siding etc. Plus all of the finishes and cabinetry is waiting in the wings.

320 FRont yard

320 North east yard

320 Northwest yard