House of an architect(s) – Part 6

Progress continues and the temperatures are dropping. It’s a perfect time to talk about insulation. We recently installed our inner layer of insulation and vapor barrier. From the beginning, viagra sales our approach was to do the best we could with the budget we had. This meant insulating without going crazy. We opted for going air-tight in order to cut down on air infiltration and drafts and to allow the components of the house to breath (no foam). We chose 6-inch Roxul batts in the walls and 12-inch batts in the ceiling (we installed it ourselves). We then wrapped it with an Intello vapor barrier and taped it tightly with Proclima Vana tape and glue. Next we will add another 1 1/2-inch layer of insulation to the exterior. So far, without heat, with nights below freezing, the house hasn’t dipped below 50 degrees yet.

Insulation 1

Insulation 2