House of an Architect(s) – Part 3

The weather is perfect for building. Over the past 3 weeks, viagra sales sick we have only missed one day due to bad weather and that could have gone either way. The building team has been busy excavating, generic viagra here removing lots of rocks, locating utilities, building and pouring footings. Things are moving along. All of us, and now the contractor, has built this house a hundred times in our heads. It is now just a matter of seeing it through and dealing with any surprises; rock ledge (none), excess of water (none), buried tanks (none). So we are onto the next step: trenching for utility hook-ups, foundation and double checking our framing drawings. Meanwhile, in the background, we are sourcing our kitchen, tile, heating system, plumbing fixtures so it can all be ready when the time comes. Exciting stuff.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3